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Licensure for Dietitians/Nutritionists in Delaware

bulletAccording to Delaware law, licensure is required for individuals practicing as and/or labeling themselves as Dietitians or Nutritionists in the state of Delaware. The purpose of this requirement is to establish minimum standards of education for professional dietitians/nutritionists. It also allows the public to accurately identify those who meet these minimum standards. 
bulletThe Board of Dietetics/Nutrition (as part of the Delaware Division of Professional Regulation) regulates the licensure process for professional dietitians/nutritionists and establishes minimum standards of education, experience and examination for these professionals in accordance with Title 24, Chapter 38 of the Delaware Code. 
bulletApplications for licensure as an LDN are submitted to the Board for review and approval. If the requirements are met, licenses are granted by the Board and must be renewed every 2 years (licenses expire May 31 of every odd-numbered year). For license renewal, a continuing professional education (CPE) requirement of 30 units every 2 years must be met. All continuing education must meet the content requirements of the American Dietetic Association for CPE credit. 
bulletTo view the current Delaware Law governing Licensure, please click here: 

Finding an RD or CDN

Delaware Dietetic Association’s Directory of Registered Dietitians - Updated 5/29/2010

Contact the ADA referral line @ 1-800-366-1655.

Job Connections

On an informal basis, Carolyn Manning, MAg, RD, CDN has volunteered to track job openings, as well as individuals who are seeking positions. To reach Carolyn, contact her at the University of Delaware, @ 302-831-8974.

Reaching our Members

A newsletter is mailed to all members four times a year. Advertising space is available at a reasonable price. For further information, contact the newsletter editor, Kelly Rossi-, 302-537-1064.